What Paris should teach us…

At no evening, football was as unimportant as in the night from Friday, November 13 to Saturday, November 14. The fact that Germany lost the friendly match against France 2 to 0, was probably not interesting for anyone.

Because such a thing is in the light of the fact what was going on in Paris completely irrelevant. Already ten months ago when the cartoonists of the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” were killed in a terroristic act one knew: The IS and Islamism have lately arrived in Europe. But the politicians thought that they would keep the situation under control by stricter controls of Syrian returnees, by an international cooperation against the IS – ultimately also Russia decided to join it – and by even more bombardments on Syrian ground. But far from it. Because the bombs destroy homes and force people to flee to Europe. The fight against terrorism, as one hear in the media every day, turned into a refugee crisis.

Paris7Europe dived from one crisis into another in the recent years: First the banking crisis, then the terrorism crisis and ultimately the refugee crisis. And with the refugees, border controls were loosened and thousands of people are still moving to Europe. Without any knowledge who is exactly among these refugees, they are welcomed with open arms. And in so doing politicians forgot why they actually started this war in Syria: to protect the old woman Europe and its values.

It was even possible for the Parisian terrorists to smuggle bombs and Kalashnikovs and also themselves unnoticed into France. And more than 120 people were killed brutally. It is clear that these people didn’t kill for the first time. Nobody kills as brutal, as unconscionable tens of innocent people as they did. And engulfes an entire country, the entire Western world in deep mourning.

Paris8But Europe should never forget that also US-American, French and Russian bombs kill hundreds of innocent Syrians every day. And their tears are similarly hard to dry. Somehow, it seems, a Western life is more worthwhile in this world. And where there is war, civilian casualties are just counted as collateral damage in any statistic.

Today I saw pictures from the theatre of war “Paris” in all newspapers. And yes, I talk of war on purpose. Because probably now everyone is asking: Has war arrived in Europe? Can you still be safe at any place? Of course, France offers a special hotbed for terrorist attacks: In no other European country there are so many returnees from Syria. People with migrant backgrounds often live in the banlieues, have little chances of a good job. Or of work at all. In terrorist cells, they find a meaning in life probably for the first. And France’s role in the Syrian War and the war against the IS shouldn’t be undervalued. But none of these reasons justifies such a mass murder. And this assault on Western values.

Paris, I was allowed to visit it even twice, is for me – and probably for most people from all over the world – one of the most wonderful cities. Not because of the beauty, because of its charm, the incredible wit, this city exudes. Fromageries are located beside small cafes on the boulevards of the city. For artists, the city is a Mecca, as well as for young lovers and partygoers. In Paris, life is somehow more easy-going, more liveable, more creative, younger. A symbol of the Western culture – and a bête noire for many fanatics.

The Parisian attacks has engulfed Europe in a crisis again, a crisis of decisions. Will one use the NATO alliance case? Will one follow the Old Testament and say: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” and battle war with war? But is the war of the IS against the West not also benefited by other former wars? Or rather by the warmongering of George W. Bush who had set the utopian objective to create a world following the American example; and provoked a new Vietnam in Afghanistan?

Paris6Even I as an avowed pacifist is conflicted in these days. But what boots the talk about military retaliation when Europe is never one step ahead, but lags behind at least ten steps. If you prefer to take care of the next banking crisis, instead of protecting the own population targeted.

Paris demonstrated us, the Western world, how vulnerable we really are. And that our arrogance of the past 15 years fall flat on our faces. That one can’t invade another country without consequences. That one underestimated the superiority of the enemies. And that intelligence agency work is more important than ever. Only in this way Europe can tackle the IS. One needs to understand the terror cell, detect their leaders and give them no further breeding ground for a “new Paris”.

Paris9We should not sink into sadness, but rather hold our heads high looking into a bright future. We should not pray – because religious fanaticism has just brought us in such a situation. We should wash the blood off our clothes and go into the streets and dance. We should celebrate ourselves more than ever and regard every human, every life as worthwhile. We should never bounce back and should remember the more than 120 victims in Paris, the 220,000 victims of the Syrian war, the 40 dead people from Lebanon and all other victims of the Islamist terror. We should laugh and dance for them. This is exactly what these people also wanted to have in the Bataclan, in “Le Petit Cambodge” and on the streets of Beirut: just enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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