The Chiemsee – Where the Lake touches the Mountains

View from the jetty

It is the third biggest lake in Germany after the Bodensee and the Müritz. Every year thousands of tourists visit this piece of heaven.

A motor boat for rent
Sunset on the Chiemsee

You can cross the lake – which has about 80 km² – by motor boat or sailing boat. There are also some steamboats especially for tourists and day tripper that take you to the Fraueninsel – women’s island – and the Herreninsel – men’s island. These are islands located in the middle of the lake where you can find hotels, a church and hiking paths. The passage costs at least 5 Euros per passenger.

Chiemsee 3
A sailboat

I bought a round trip ticket for 8,70 Euros from Gstadt to Priem, tourist cities close to the Chiemsee. Both cities live from the tourism, especially in summer time.

Chiemsee 4
A traditional Bavarian music group

In Priem, I could witness a very famous Bavarian tradition: young guys playing German folk music. It is very lovely seeing young people keeping up such traditions. Additionally, they were wearing leather pants and shirts like they do on special occasions, for example at Oktoberfest or other Bavarian festivals. The group was consisting of four people: two blowers, one guitar player and an accordion player.

Chiemsee 5
Young visitors playing on the jetty
An elder couple going for a walk

The Chiemsee is a tourist place for people from all over the world, also for families as well as for single travellers and adventurers. I could take some great pictures while staying there and I don’t want to hide them because Chiemsee is one of the most romantic and adorable places in Bavaria I have been so far!

The local TV on the Chiemsee
A baby boy playing on the jetty

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