The Scarlet Moon Blogger Award

I am very glad to announce that my follower bellaespiritu nominated me for a new award. To be honest, it’s my second award and I am very glad to hear that some people actually do like to read m blog. Unfortunately, I wasn’t online that often for the last week. But this has one particular reason: I got married in Brazil to my Brazilian, after three and a half years of a way too far long distance realationship. And my work and the wedding preparation at the same time were so full of stress that I couldn’t find time to write my blog and inform you about the news.

The Scarlet Moon Blogger Award was created by a blogger named Lottar who was the blog “La Luna Escarlata” which means the scarlet moon in English. While inventing the award, he had the idea to spread as much love and luck as possible to other people. That’s why he just gave one advice to the nominated bloggers: Be as happy as you can bear.

Along with this slogan, there are two questions to answer:

What was the last time you did something for the first time? Actually, I was getting married for the first time last weekend.

What are the things you look for to do (in the future)? I look forward to watch the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and spend some time with my family in July in Germany.

And here are my nominations:

Postmondaen: creative, open-minded, fresh blog

gastonbessette: talented artist with great pictures

laliterati: a wonderful piece of art

mrwayne: extraordinary English blog

eyespluswords: great blog design, interesting thoughts about life

eyedancers: an exciting novel journey

visuelleaugenblicke: interesting foto blog of a talented artist

libellenlicht: REALLY everything important about travel and lifestyle, a must read

reisespeisen: food inspiration around the world

lynzrealcooking: another outstanding food blog

Why did I choose these blog? That’s quite simple. I love photography, writing, food and travelling. All these blogs are an inpiration for me and should be read more frequently by other bloggers.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. berlienchen says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch – zum einen zur Vermählung und zum Award, wobei die Hochzeit sicher ein einschneidenderes Ereignis darstellt. 🙂

    1. A vida louca says:

      Danke. Auf jeden Fall ist die Hochzeit einschneidender, ist ja auch eindeutig wichtiger. 😉

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