Infected With The Travel Bug?

Do you know this feeling when your knees start trembling just by viewing a travel website? Every last minute deal causes gasping and you would like to take the next flight to the south immediately?

Then your last journey, your last stay abroad is probably already too long ago. Or you are – just like me – infected with the travel bug. A dangerous companion who accompanies you to distant places and never let you go. Especially in the high season this little bacillus makes our life particularly difficult.

Schiff Brasilien
A boater in Paraty

Indeed most of us are able – with a medium employee salary – to go on one or even two short or long journeys per year.But this is not enough for many stressed-out travel fetishists to live out their wanderlust or to explore all the so-called longed-for destinations. Those destinations are sold to us as the “must-lakes” or “Top 100 Places” by web portals such as Expedia, Tropo or 123 Fly. And that, naturally, around the clock. Whether as an email, in television advertising or as pop-ups on the internet – travel deals entice during the hot season any time, anywhere. Of course, it doesn’t last out just to speak about last minute. Now, it must be ultra last minute at extremely low prices.

A porcupine in the Pantanal

Countless travel blogs take the same line and publish one checklist after another. Checklists, how to pack your suitcase in the best way and most efficient. Checklists for hazard prevention. Checklists for the perfect beach holiday. Checklists for individual travellers and also checklists of the top 20 tourist spots and attractions worldwide. Among all these checklists you can also de-check easily. Because what most tourists miss a lot while being focussed on the information overload is to listen to themselves. You don’t have to plan everything or stress yourself to visit as many countries simply because they are on a top somewhat list. Rather you should listen to your heart when it comes to travel planning or – as many backpackers have shown us – just go where your feet take you.

I myself, I am dreaming for so long to travel with my backpack on my back and my heart full of curiosity through South America. But the news, travelogues and stories of locals have probably influenced me so negatively that I have desisted from such a trip, yet. The only question is if I can continue to suppress forever this, my adventure gene in this regard. Or should I rather play it safe and explore seemingly safe sightseeing hotspots firstly? Where – thanks to constant police presence – just one of five pickpockets are successful and just now and then a bomb detonates?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. dietiger says:

    SO infected 😀 and I completely agree with you, i love to just keep it cool and relaxed and not plan too much ahead. but this attitude has changed since i’m a mother.

    1. M.W. says:

      I can imagine that this attitude changes when you need to take care for someone else. Because then it is not just your risk. It is a risk for both if something goes wrong.

  2. luvtowander says:

    Yes it’s worst then drugs nowadays — especially if you see all those competitive fares on flight! I wish I have my own wings so I can fly anytime. 🙂 in the mean time, travel blogs and youtube are fine for me.

    1. M.W. says:

      That’s a great idea having your own wings like a bird. For me it is like this: If I watch too many travel documentaries or read too many blogs, my travel bug is even worse. 🙂 And I start to plan my next trip in my mind or on the paper.

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